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Oily / Combination Trial Pack


Подборка из 6 миниатюрных продуктов идеально подходит для путешествий, в качестве подарка или для того чтобы попробовать ассортимент.


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В набор входит:

10мл Refining Cleanser
10мл Gel Cleanser
5мл Light Moisturiser
5мл Deep Moisturiser
10мл Cocoa Exfoliator
10мл Clay Mask


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7 отзывов на Oily / Combination Trial Pack

  1. Teen starter kit

    Cordnee lee Moonsamy

    The perfect starter kit for poly skins and then heading into puberty.


    Jill Mckeith

    This is such a lovely gift for a teenager and for the adult oily/combination skin.
    The refining cleanser is great as a cleanser and spot treatment. The gel cleanser has a beaituful fresh fragrance. The light moisturiser is a good mattifying one and deEP moisturiser to balance the skin. The cocoa ezfoliator and clay mask are wonderful once a week treatments for the skin.

  3. Young Beginners

    Melissa Johnson

    Excellent for the teenage girl or boy starting a skincare routine. A lovely way to introduce products that control oil production — the perfect cost effective gift lasting 10 days to 2 weeks!


    Jill Mckeith

    This lovely trial pack is so convenient when travelling. All you need in one container.
    Also for first time Esse clients to try the products.
    The container has many uses as well, when products are done.
    Lovely Christmas gifts.

  5. Great for young and oily skins!

    Megan Fosse

    Alot of mothers come through complaining about their teenagers skin. The Oily trial pack is the first product I give to them and the moms and teens couldn’t be happier!

  6. convinience containers


    love this little box of goodies! its a serious space saver when travelling and once the products are finished, its a handy travelling jewellery box too!

  7. Small and handy package

    Loice Gwah

    Packing for a weekend or gateway has become so easy. I just grab my trial pack and am gone. Ever since I came across the trial pack no more fights with the family because I no longer seem to carry ‘a lot of loose things’ as per hubbie. Hahaha, wht he doesn’t know is the whole facial routine is packed in my handbag

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